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Discover OROOK’s Recruitment Platform at the Big 5 Riyadh Event! From Cost Savings to Unique Data-Driven Matching – The Future of AEC Hiring

Meet us at BIG 5, Riyadh from 26th until 29th Feb

Join us at the Big 5 Riyadh event from February 26th to 29th for an exclusive lecture by Miljan Mikić, a distinguished figure in Engineering Management academia and consultancy.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Miljan, explore OROOK’s innovative solutions and opportunities to connect with engineers, and leverage their services firsthand at the largest construction event in Saudi Arabia.

Schedule a meeting with Miljan to discover how OROOK can elevate your business operations.

Miljan Mikić, PhD, MSc CE, a senior Engineering Management academic at the University of Leeds (UK), and the founder of, will deliver a compelling lecture on “Technology, Innovation, and Digital Transformation in Construction.”

Drawing from his extensive experience in strategic management, digital transformation, and project execution across diverse sectors, Miljan will explore the future landscape of project and engineering management, addressing key challenges and trends:

  • Challenges and urges on the engineer-to-manager transition
  • Emerging trends in management education specifically tailored for engineering
  • Foresight into employment & performance – a glimpse of the tomorrow’s workspace 
  • Skillsets in demand: Identifying and cultivating essential skills for future success

The lecture will also provide research and practice-based advice on the road ahead for companies – what to do to increase organizational readiness and stay at the top of the game.

Free consultation: Miljan (OROOK), 30 Minute Meeting – Miljan Mikić

In addition to his lecture, Miljan is the founder of, a digital platform revolutionizing recruitment and career development in the AEC industries.

From recruitment to tender management and consulting, OROOK offers a comprehensive model for boosting your company’s success:

✅ Simplifying Hiring: OROOK makes hiring easier with OROOK PICKS. It uses a special system to quickly connect professionals and companies with the right skills and job needs, making the process more accurate.

✅ Diverse Pool of Construction Workers: OROOK links skilled workers with construction and engineering companies.

✅ Marketing Strategies: OROOK has a big community of over 20,000 engineers and company reps. It’s great for companies to introduce themselves, show off products and projects, and run targeted ads. This helps them get known and sell more.

✅ Consulting: OROOK offers advice to construction businesses. They cover things like engineering, BIM, and project management to help companies succeed.

✅ Tender Support: OROOK helps gather CVs for tender applications. This makes it faster and more likely for companies to get projects. They can even form teams in just 7 days with help from the platform.

Free consultation: Miljan (OROOK), 30 Minute Meeting – Miljan Mikić

We are looking forward to meeting you in person!

OROOK team

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