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Unveiling OROOK Subscription: A Comprehensive Model for Boosting Your Company Success

In the fast-paced business world, regardless of whether you are a boutique consultancy or a large contractor, staying ahead requires more than just innovation; it demands a holistic approach that addresses every facet of operations.

When it comes to the AEC industry, we are witnessing the biggest-ever workforce scarcity wave – 70% of countries around the globe are already facing this challenge (including China).

OROOK, a digital marketplace for recruitment and career development in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry, has emerged as a beacon of success in this challenging landscape. 

Tailored subscriptions from OROOK have not only streamlined operations but have also empowered companies to cover diverse aspects of their business seamlessly, including hiring engineers and workers, assembling teams to win tenders, implementing marketing strategies, and closing valuable outsourced/consulting partnerships.

This blog explores how OROOK’s tailored subscription service has revolutionized the way companies manage their core functions, covering everything from a streamlined hiring process to marketing and consulting.

Let’s dive into it!

The Genesis of OROOK

The inception of OROOK’s business model was rooted in the idea that a one-size-fits-all solution is no longer sufficient in the dynamic AEC environment. Companies today need a model that not only caters to their unique needs but also evolves with them. OROOK stands out as a pioneering solution that encapsulates all aspects of AEC business, providing a seamless experience from conception to execution.

A Tailored Subscription Model

Empowering Businesses with Customized Solutions

One of the key pillars of OROOK’s success is its tailored subscription model. Unlike traditional business models that offer a fixed set of services, OROOK allows companies to tailor the services, creating a bespoke package that aligns with their specific requirements.

  • Flexibility in Services: Companies have the flexibility to pick and choose services based on their current needs. Whether it’s hiring skilled engineers, sourcing top-tier construction workers, managing tenders, or executing targeted marketing campaigns, OROOK’s subscription model adapts to the unique demands of each business.
  • Scalability: As businesses grow, their needs evolve. OROOK’s subscription model scales seamlessly, ensuring that companies can continue to rely on the platform for all their requirements, regardless of the scale of their operations.

All-Encompassing Business Support

From Hiring to Marketing: OROOK’s Full Spectrum Approach

One of the key factors that makes OROOK exceptional is its ability to cover all aspects of business within one integrated system. Whether you need an engineer, construction worker, tender support, marketing expertise, consulting services and outsourcing, OROOK has a solution for you. 

This business model is conceived as a straightforward and efficient solution for all your business needs.

Streamlining the Hiring Process

In the competitive talent landscape, finding and retaining skilled professionals is a perpetual challenge.

OROOK simplifies the hiring process by leveraging a vast network of relevant talent. Companies can access a pool of pre-screened engineers, streamlining the recruitment process and ensuring that they get the right talent for their projects. 

The platform’s user-friendly interface and advanced filtering options ensure businesses can find suitable candidates quickly and efficiently.

Another noteworthy functionality is OROOK PICKS. This innovative feature employs a specialized algorithm to facilitate the automatic recognition and connection of professionals and companies whose skills and experiences align seamlessly with the requirements of open positions. This feature enables proactive recruitment and reduces time-to-interview up to 10 times.  

By managing applications and automated candidate ranking, OROOK addresses the industry’s pressing challenges and proves to be a pioneer in saving up to 80% of time and money throughout the recruitment process. 

This strategic solution aligns with OROOK’s commitment to transform the AEC field and to set a new standard for efficiency and effectiveness in hiring practices.

Diverse Pool of Construction Workers 

One of OROOK’s standout business model features is its diverse pool of construction worker profiles. 

The platform caters to a wide range of specialties and skill sets, including but not limited to:


With OROOK AI-boosted approach, construction workers gain better access to job opportunities, while companies can efficiently and quickly find skilled workers from different global regions to meet their project needs. 

Marketing Strategies

In the age of digital dominance, effective marketing is non-negotiable. 

OROOK recognizes this and integrates marketing solutions into its subscription model. Leveraging industry research, publications, blogs, and targeted campaigns, OROOK enables companies to position themselves as forward-thinking entities ready to showcase innovative solutions and ensures that businesses have a robust marketing plan that can amplify their presence in the market.

With a community of over 20,000 engineers and company representatives, OROOK provides an extensive reach for boosting employer branding and product visibility.

OROOK’s blogs serve as a powerful tool for companies to introduce themselves to engineers and experts, present their products or services, showcase successful projects, and engage in survey and targeted marketing campaigns.

Consulting Services and Outsourcing

Every AEC business faces challenges, and having access to valuable outsourced partners can make all the difference. OROOK’s subscription includes consulting services and matching with outsourcing partners, where businesses can tap into a pool of experienced professionals and businesses and get a strategic competitive advantage.

From Structural and HVAC engineering support to BIM implementation and project management guidance, project dashboards, organizational performance, and training, the OROOK team possesses the skills necessary to unlock your company’s full potential.

OROOK Edu (Tailored e-learning programmes for the AEC industry)

As the construction and engineering industry landscape evolves, it becomes increasingly important for companies to equip their employees with the necessary skills for their job roles. Lack of training and development has been reported as the 2nd workplace issue in the AEC industry related to employee turnover.

Recognizing the significance of educational initiatives, OROOK partners with high-profile EDU providers to showcase their training programs tailored for the AEC industry needs. By obtaining and embedding specialized courses into your HR practice, your company can boost employee development, thus showing commitment to help reduce turnover and contribute to the industry’s growth.

Additionally, OROOK also offers carefully selected courses relevant to engineers, covering topics such as Project Management, Contracts, Eurocode design, Energy efficiency, and Software. This comprehensive approach to skill development has empowered businesses to perform better, improve their services, and, ultimately, achieve their goals.

Tender Service (Assemble a whole team in <7 days)

Navigating the tender process and getting projects are vital components of any successful business. When you have a tight timeline to win a big and important tender, OROOK acts as a strategic partner. The platform provides comprehensive and short-time frame support to gather the relevant CVs you need to fill the gap in your team’s expertise, apply for tenders, and emerge victorious.  OROOK has assisted companies in forming wholesome project teams in as little as 7 days!

The OROOK Advantage

Driving Success through Integration and Collaboration

Streamlined Operations

By consolidating multiple business functions under a single platform, OROOK eliminates the need for businesses to juggle between different service providers. This streamlines operations, reduces administrative overhead, and allows companies to focus on their core competencies.

Cost-Effective Solution

Traditional models often involve engaging various things for different services, leading to higher costs and logistical challenges. OROOK’s subscription model offers a cost-effective alternative, bundling services under a single umbrella and providing economies of scale.

Holistic Approach to Business Growth

Success in the modern business landscape requires a holistic approach. OROOK’s model recognizes that growth is not confined to a single aspect of business; it’s a cumulative effect of effective hiring, strategic project management, impactful marketing, and sound consulting. By addressing all these elements, OROOK positions itself as a catalyst for comprehensive AEC business growth.

Real Success Stories: Companies Thriving with OROOK

Numerous companies across the AEC field have embraced the OROOK model and witnessed transformative results. From boutique consulting companies to large contractors, OROOK’s subscription flexibility caters to each business’s specific needs, fostering growth and sustainability.


In times of the biggest workforce scarcity, OROOK’s business model stands out as one of innovation and effectiveness. Its tailored subscription service is a testament to the platform’s commitment to driving success for its clients.

By offering a flexible, scalable, and comprehensive solution, OROOK empowers AEC businesses to navigate the complexities of the modern marketplace.

From hiring engineers & workers to executing marketing strategies, assembling whole teams to win tenders, and closing valuable outsourcing partnerships, OROOK is more than a service provider—it’s a strategic partner in the journey toward sustained growth and success. 

As businesses continue to evolve, OROOK remains at the forefront, reshaping how companies approach their operations and unlocking new possibilities for success in the ever-growing AEC community.

Contact Stefanija, OROOK’s Growth Specialist, and Nevena, OROOK’s Bussiness Development Manager, to discuss subscription terms tailored to your unique needs, take control of all aspects of your business, and embark on the path to success with OROOK!

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