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Top-tier engineers in BIM, HVAC, Site&Project management

Meet us at BIG 5,Dubai from 4th till 7th Dec

OROOK is a digital marketplace for recruitment and career development in the AEC industries (Architects, Civil engineers, Mechanical engineers, Electrical engineers, Oil&Gas sector).

Flexibility in Services: Companies have the flexibility to pick and choose services based on their current needs.

Tailored subscriptions from OROOK have not only streamlined operations but have also empowered companies to cover diverse aspects of their business seamlessly, including hiring engineers, managing tenders, implementing marketing strategies, and receiving valuable consulting services.

Companies can access a pool of pre-screened engineers, streamlining the recruitment process and ensuring that they get the right talent for their projects.
The platform’s user-friendly interface and advanced filtering options ensure businesses can find suitable candidates quickly and efficiently.

By managing applications and ranking candidates, OROOK addresses the industry’s pressing challenges and proves to be a pioneer in saving time and money throughout the employment process.

Our services:
✅ Streamlining the Hiring Process: OROOK streamlines hiring with OROOK PICKS, utilizing a special algorithm to efficiently connect professionals and companies whose skills and job specifications align seamlessly, enhancing the precision of the process.
✅ Diverse Pool of Construction Workers: OROOK connects skilled professionals (blue collar) and companies in construction/engineering.
✅ Marketing Strategies: With a community of over 20,000 engineers and company representatives, OROOK serves as a powerful tool for companies to introduce themselves, showcase products, successful projects, and engage in targeted marketing campaigns, enhancing employer branding and product visibility.
✅ Consulting Services: OROOK’s Consulting Services offer AEC businesses access to expert advice, covering a range of areas from Structural and HVAC engineering, to BIM implementation and Project Management guidance.
✅Tenders Services: The platform facilitates the gathering of relevant CVs for tender applications, ensuring efficiency and success. Companies have experienced assistance in forming project teams in as little as 7 days.

Meet our CEO and Founder Miljan in Dubai from 4th till 7th December.

Schedule a meeting to find out more:

Miljan (OROOK), 30 Minute Meeting – Miljan Mikić

We are looking forward to meet you in person!

OROOK team

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