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FAQ: How to Advertise a Job on the OROOK Platform?

Every team is only as strong as its weakest link. Therefore, every company aims to employ professionals who will contribute to its development and success in the market. Selecting candidates for open positions in an organization is often time-consuming and takes a lot of resources.

The time it takes to collect and analyze all the applications, then schedule and conduct interviews with the shortlisted candidates often doesn’t yield the results you were hoping for. Hiring HR and headhunting agencies to look for talent on your behalf frees up time for other professional commitments. Still, these services are often expensive and do not guarantee optimal results.

“With OROOK, a platform specialized in offering jobs in the field of construction, the process of selecting the candidates you are looking for is much more efficient.”

Filtering candidates according to the parameters you specify will significantly narrow your selection, offering you only profiles of professionals whose skills, education, and previous work experience match the position you offer.

This way, you will invest fewer resources than ever in selecting the best candidate, and the results will be transparent and reliable.

How to Open a Company Profile on the OROOK Platform?

To successfully open your organization’s account on OROOK, you must go through a few steps.

Enter the necessary information about your company and contact person.

An OROOK specialist will contact you
with information on how to use the platform.

The assigned OROOK Account Manager will open your profile, and you can start using the platform!

What Kind of Services Does OROOK Offer?

Do you want to post a pre-prepared ad and find the best candidates for the position you are advertising or do you need professional guidance through the optimal talent search process?

Choose the package that best suits your company’s needs, and the search for the best candidates can begin.

Orook service packages

Our team is here to create special service packages, aligning them with your business needs. For more information, schedule an appointment with our specialists.

Who Are the OROOK Picks?

OROOK Picks presents a unique functionality that we are particularly proud of.

After you have defined the criteria that you would like the candidates for the open position to meet, OROOK Picks will show you professionals from the platform whose profiles best match the given criteria.

Browse and compare the proposed profiles. When you have chosen the most promising professionals, check whether the candidate you selected is interested in your advertised position – click Details on chosen candidate’s profile and then Send Request.

How Long Does a Placed Ad on the OROOK Platform Last?

The advertisement in each package can last from three to five weeks, according to your choice, without affecting the price. For the Standard package, the client can extend the ad up to 10 days free of charge, and for the Premium package, up to 3 months.

When the ad expires, it is automatically archived, and professionals will no longer be able to apply for it. The company can access the CVs of all registered candidates in the Archive section and compare profiles. However, they cannot shortlist candidates or send them messages.

How Many Executors Are Included in One Ad?

If the company has two or more open positions with the same criteria, does it have to publish two or more ads for these positions?

OROOK does not charge extra if you want to hire more executors based on one published advertisement. If you decide to hire one or more candidates for another position based on an advertisement for one open position, there is no additional charge.

Can the Company Obtain Information About the Most Promising Candidates Without Publishing a Public Advertisement?

If your company needs information about which members of the OROOK platform would be the best choice for the open position you offer, but you do not want the ad to be visible to the entire base of professionals and companies, you can enable this convenience within the Premium service package.

If you opt for this service, you can choose option Private for your ad, and it will remain hidden from all but OROOK Picks candidates, who you can contact directly to check if they are interested in your terms.

What Is OROOK Credit?

Publishing ads on the OROOK platform is charged from the OROOK credit that your company pays in advance.

Have Additional Questions?

If you need more information, feel free to write to us at  or contact our specialists:

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